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Results - To view the past month’s results and to check the start times available for forthcoming competitions, click Masterscoreboard

Masterscoreboard software, which the Club uses for recording our competition scores, have introduced a password facility, this enables members to access handicap records and histories; you can also print out your own handicap certificates online.
To do this you must access the Masterscoreboard web site and enter the password “water10”.  You will then be requested to choose your own unique password.  The system will only allow registered members to enter their password.

Course Record - The Club’s amateur course record is held by Pat Smith, who on the 13th July 2003, when playing off a handicap of 6, completed a record breaking round with a Gross score of just 66.

Competition Rules

1.0 Eligibility - Competitions are open to members with a current published handicap.  Some competitions will have additional qualifying requirements, and these will be clearly indicated on the notice board.

2.0 Whenever possible please book a tee time for a competition, either on the Clubroom computer or Online. However, in the event that you turn up to play in a competition without having booked a tee time, please give priority to those members who have booked a tee time.

3.0 Entry Fees - Entry Fees for competitions will automatically be deducted from the Member’s Club Account.

4.0 Start Times - The Match & Handicap committee has decided to adopt rule 6.3 regarding starting times.   Players must tee off at the stipulated times.   To facilitate this players are advised to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to their tee off time.  Players who tee off within five minutes after their allotted time will incur a penalty of two strokes, at the first hole (stroke play) or loss of the first hole (match play). Players who are more than five minutes late on the tee will be automatically disqualified from the competition.

5.0 General & Local Rules -  General & Local rules apply to all competitions.  It is the responsibility of every player to obtain and understand the rules.  A copy of the Rules of Golf is available in the Clubhouse.  Local rules are published on the score card and additional local rules may be published on the Notice Board.  Player should check the Notice Board periodically for changes to the local rules.  If in doubt or if a ruling is needed, contact the Match & Handicap Secretary.

6.0 Obtaining a Handicap - If you do not have a current handicap index, you may obtain one by submitting three counting score cards.  Each round must be completed with a club member who holds an official handicap. Once you have submitted the three score cards, the Match & Handicap Secretary will register you with England Golf who, in turn, will issue you with a registration number and a Handicap Index, enabling you to play in competitions.  Juniors have a separate system for calculating handicaps but should also submit three cards.  If you find it difficult to find players to mark your card you should contact the Match and Handicap Secretary and they will arrange for someone to play with you.  

7.0 Handicaps - It is a player's responsibility to check the handicap list or England Golf App before each competition to ensure that they apply the correct handicap. If player uses a higher handicap than they are entitled to, they will be disqualified.  Using a lower handicap will not cause disqualification but will result in the player getting less strokes than they are entitled to receive.

8.0 World Handicap System – The results from each day’s competition are uploaded to England Golf.  The system then issues a revised handicap index for the next days play. Players may find that there is no change to the index from day to day. The index is derived from calculating the best eight scores from the last twenty competitions.

9.0 Score Cards - It is a player's responsibility to ensure that their cards are checked for correctness and signed before leaving the course.  All cards are to be handed in, including Nil Return Cards. Cards not signed or filled in incorrectly will lead to disqualification. Any alterations must be initialled by the marker.  The following information must be entered on a card or it will be disqualified.
Competition Name and Date
Players Name(s)
Gross score for each hole
Players and markers signatures

10.0 Slow Play - Beware of slow play, keep up with the group in front, keep ahead of the group behind and wave players through rather than delaying the game.  Consistent slow play will result in players being banned from the next competition. If you hit a ball, which may be lost (i.e., in the rough or out of bounds) you must play a provisional ball.  If the 1st ball is not found within 3 minutes, then it must be declared lost and the provisional ball played (stroke and distance apply).  Note that if the first ball is found, and is not out of bounds, it is "in play", and the provisional ball cannot be played under any circumstances, even if the first ball is in an unplayable lie.

11.0 Bad Weather - Unless informed by the Club that the course is closed, players must turn up for their Tee-off time.   If the weather is bad, it is the player's responsibility to check that the course is open.  
If bad weather descends on the course whilst you are playing in a competition a siren will be sounded by the Captain or appointed person.  On hearing the Siren you should take the following action:
Discontinue Play Immediately (Lightening) - One prolonged note on the siren.  Mark the position of your ball and take cover.
Discontinue Play - 3 consecutive notes of the siren, repeated.  Finish the current hole.
Resume Play - 2 short note of the siren, repeated.
It is the responsibility of the Club Captain (In their absence the Vice Captain or in their absence an elected member of the Management Committee or in the absence of a Committee member a past Captain) to decide whether a competition should be abandoned due to bad  weather.  If you decide to discontinue play and walk in without the competition being officially call off you will immediately be disqualified from that competition.

12.0 Validity of a Competition - Although not a R & A Rule, the Committee has decided that the minimum number of competitors taking part in a stroke play competition shall be four (4).   Except for Peter Hurst Competitions.  If less than four (4) competitors start a competition, then the competition shall be declared void and the entry fee money refunded.

13.0 Match Play Competitions -  Ventnor Golf Club holds four match play competitions throughout the season:
The Town Cup -  Singles Match Play (max. handicap 18)
The Par Plus - Singles match Play  (for handicap 19-28)
The George Stoten - Singles Match  Play (scratch)
Ron Thompson Rose Bowl (formerly the Frank McConnell) - Chosen Pairs four ball better ball match play.
In the event of a tie after 18 holes all competitions will go to a sudden death play-off where strokes are given and received on the same basis as the first 18 holes.  
Dates for completion of respective rounds must be strictly adhered to.
Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
Only illness will be considered as reasons for time extensions to be granted by the Match & Handicap Secretary.
The first named player or players in the draw shall offer their opponents three dates to play their match, one of which shall be on a Saturday or Sunday. However, failure of the first named competitor(s) to offer dates will not be considered a valid reason for an extension of time.
The choice of honour on the first tee shall be decided by lot.
The Finals will be played on a date to be decided by the Committee and published in the Diary.  On this day the course will be closed to other play. Members are invited to follow the matches as spectators.  Time extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances by the Match & Handicap Secretary.
Winners of matches will be responsible for writing their names in the next round on the draw sheet.
All disputes should be made in writing to the Match & Handicap Sub Committee whose decision will be final.

14.0 Tied and Equal Scores in Stroke Play - In the event of equal scores in stroke play competitions the winning order will be decided by a card count back (i.e. better back nine,  better back 6, etc etc.)

15.0  Club Championship - The Club Championship is a stroke play medal competition of 36 holes played over two days. (18 holes each day) for both scratch and handicap competitors.   Juniors are also invited to play for the title of Junior Club Champion, based on handicap play.
By entering the competition you will be automatically entered in both scratch and handicap competitions.   Players must play on both days.
In the unlikely event of a tie for first place the following procedures will be adopted:
Handicap - Tied scores in the handicap competition will be decided by a card count back.
Scratch - Tied scores in the scratch competition will result in a three hole play off, played on holes 1, 2 and 18.  If the score are still equal the competitors will play sudden death over the same three holes, until a winner is established.

16.0  Aggregate Competitions -  Ventnor Golf Club holds four aggregate competitions throughout the year:
The Ken Tomes Summer Eclectic Trophy - this competition is a net eclectic of medal rounds played from the 1st May to 31st October each year. A net eclectic is each player’s best net score on each of the 18 holes, over the period to give a "Fantasy Round” score probably in the 55 - 65 range.  No entry is necessary as all scores in competition medal rounds will automatically count, be they midweek or weekend competitions.
R.R.Sparkes Aggregate - this competition runs from 1st January - 31st December, each year. Each time you enter a board competition at the weekend you are automatically entered into the aggregate competition.  The winner of each competition receives ten points down to one point in tenth place. The points are added up at the end of each year and the player with the player with the most points is awarded the winning prize.  The winner of this competition is regarded as the most consistent player of the year.  Please note that only competitions that everyone is entitled to enter will count. The Club Championship, Captain's and President's Days' are excluded.
R.Hose Mid-Week Aggregate - This competition is run exactly as per the Sparkes Aggregate but is for mid-week competitions only.
Peter Hurst Trophy - This competition is played over six events (weather permitting) on various Sundays through the season when an Alliance Meeting is taking place elsewhere on the Island. Competitors are entitled to enter all six competitions with their best four scores to count. Points will be awarded for each competition (i.e. 10 points for the winner down to 1 point for tenth place).  The competitor with the most points from their best four rounds will be the overall winner.

17.0 Preferred Lies - During the period 1st October to 31st March preferred lies (winter rules) will come into operation.  Preferred lies enables a player to mark their ball, when it comes to rest on a fairway, clean it and replace it within six inches no nearer the hole. Throughout the rest of the year, where a ball comes to rest on a 'Daisy Plant', on a fairway, the ball may be lifted and placed within six inches no nearer the hole.

18.0 Equipment - In accord with IWGU competition rules, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.  If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. gradient, wind-speed, temperature, etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.
Ventnor Golf Club prides itself on being a small but friendly club.  These rules have been produced to help the golfer maximise their enjoyment of the game and promote fairness for all.
For members who are new to the game a list of Competition Types can be found on the next page.
Competition Entries - Please note that entries for weekly competitions now have to be made using the computer in the Club Room or online at the Masterscoreboard web site.  There is also a Smartphone App available. The entry form software is easy to use, just follow the instructions on the screen.
The General Rules of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club shall apply.  In addition all players who enter a competition at Ventnor Golf Club agree to abide by the Local Rules.
In the Town Cup and Par Plus the higher handicapper receives the full difference between the two handicaps from the lower handicapped opponent.  In the Ron Thompson Rose Bowl handicaps are taken on a three-quarter handicap basis, whereby three players take handicap strokes from the lowest handicap player in the group.
Conclusion - These rules are reviewed and revised annually by the Match & Handicap Sub Committee as found necessary.
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